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“I call Dr. Paciorek, the Michelangelo of Noses…”, Diane R.

For many years I suffered with a “sinus condition” and did nothing about it. I know about the “packing” after the surgeries my sister had. Not for me!

Fast forward. For many years I continued to get infections and they became not just a winter occurrence but all year round. I was really worried about cancer in my nose or sinuses. So, remembering a brief visit to Dr. Paciorek many years ago, I set up my first appointment. He put me on antibiotics to clear up the infection so my scan would be clear. After I had my MRI, I was given a CD of the scan and met with Dr. Paciorek directly after. While reviewing the image he showed me how the bone in my nose had grown crooked, which rather surprised me. He said I must have experienced a blow to my face. He said, “I can fix that, I have very fine small instruments”. And then he added, “No packing”. Bingo, no packing!! I knew that I needed to have this surgery or I would continue to have the infections. I also pointed to the cartilage on the outside of my nose and he said he could take care of that too. (Oh, the broken nose was a result of a snowmobile incident years ago.)

Dr. Paciorek has an amazing staff, both in his office and the surgery center. They set up my surgery date, all the follow-up appointments, event contacted my insurer. I didn’t have to worry about anything. He has a wonderful, professional and knowledgeable staff and they put me at ease with the pending surgery.

My surgery for the septaplasty and turbinectomy was set up for a Friday and that gave me 10 days at home for recovery before I returned to work. He has the most “state of the art” surgery center that I have ever seen. Dr. Paciorek came in and greeted me before the surgery. Everything went fine and I awoke with just a bandage on my nose and gauze taped above my lip. I was not sick after the anesthesia, a little groggy, but felt fine. I had NO pain, ever. The revealing moment came when I could remove the bandage from my nose where he had done the plastic surgery. It was a WOW moment! Dr. Paciorek gave me a perfect little nose, just perfect!! And the inside of my nose and sinus area all healed very well. I call Dr. Michael Paciorek “the Michelangelo of noses”. He is without a doubt, the finest Plastic surgeon in CNY. Thank you, Dr. Paciorek for helping me.*

Diane R., Rhinoplasty Testimonial